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St. Catharines is a vibrant scene with their own signature sound that could not be replicated anywhere in the country. Some of the hardest working artists we’ve seen across the Evrvdav tours reside in the city, and through the shows ran at The Warehouse, here’s some of our favourites.

Yung Dashiki

Dashiki is a young upstart in the city, known for his background in dance, his wide vocal range, and his lyrical ability. His energy on stage is some of the strongest we’ve seen, and his drive has been consistent in the multiple years we’ve worked with him.


Lamarr, also known as Sniperjimmy, is the leader behind LAM Records, which stands for Loyalty Above Money. He’s managed to create a large collective of artists across the scene, and his tracks stand out as the head of the clique.


Another LAM member, 2kFrenchie has a signature deep voice with some heavy lyrical content. He also infuses the french language in some of his verses.


With 3k monthly listeners on Spotify, and some pretty big accolades under his belt, Sayzee is the top talent in the city. While Evrvdav has yet to book Sayzee directly, he’s been on the radar for years and we’re excited to have him step on stage for us one day.

Dani Alonso

Dani is one of the first acts in the city we ever connected with, and he’s remained on our cards every time we touch down. His track Overtime was strong enough to lead his sets every time, and while his releases are far between, he kills it every time he drops.


Jakob Bell, also known as LostJakey, is an extremely popular member of the St. Catharines scene. His songs reach a wide variety of sounds, and his look is always on point in the many styles he wears.

Lil Tee

Lil Tee has graced the stage for us many times and puts out a consistent quality high energy performance.


StrangezWorld, another member of LAM Records, has created a city anthem in Stand My Ground, and rightfully so with the catchy hooks and solid vocal presence.


Nucci holds one of the strongest images in the scene, and some of the hardest tracks as well. Flows crazy, lyrical content is hard as hell, cray versatility in delivery, and beat selection is prime.

Youngin’ St!x

While focusing more on production, St!x is signed to Royalty2Riches. His fast flows, singing on point, and mainstream vibe keep him a necessary mention in this list.

Honorable Mentions

Bando killed his set and had some fresh music, but he’s since gone dark on Instagram.

Baby K now goes by Moses and has no links to music but makes dope art.

Rufus can’t be found on Spotify.

Lorenzo Evans killed his verse at the LAM PopUp show and was an incredible DJ.

Marsdale been doing live shows with talented photographer Tyler Roussel, together under the name Last Record Standing.