Evrvdav helps local musicians become more efficient by fully utilizing their brand and letting them focus on creative fulfillment while we cover the rest. From recording music, all the way to touring, we’ve been through every step and aim to simplify the process.


With a contact list of over 90 local artists nationwide and a market development strategy proven successful in 7 cities, we can continue providing growth for local artists in Ontario and expand to help local artists in every province’s talent roster across Canada.

Editorials on Top Prospects in Local Music across Ontario and Canada

Local Scenes
January 5, 2022

Tonr’s Top St. Catharines ON Prospects in 2021

St. Catharines is a vibrant scene with their own signature sound that could not be replicated anywhere in the country. Some of the hardest working artists we've seen across the…
Local Scenes
January 4, 2022

Tonr’s Top London, ON Prospects in 2021

765 Old East's Backstage Lounge is one of the best Evrvdav venues on the route, with awesome sound and lighting. While not everyone on this list has been booked by…
Local Scenes
January 3, 2022

Tonr’s Top Hamilton, ON Prospects in 2021

Hamilton is a crazy city, and has some of the most talented artists on our entire route. While Hess Village is known as the best (and worst) place to turn…