Evrvdav helps local musicians become more efficient by fully utilizing their brand and letting them focus on creative fulfillment while we cover the rest. From recording music, all the way to touring, we’ve been through every step and aim to simplify the process.


With a contact list of over 90 local artists nationwide and a market development strategy proven successful in 7 cities, we can continue providing growth for local artists in Ontario and expand to help local artists in every province’s talent roster across Canada.

Editorials on Top Prospects in Local Music across Ontario and Canada

Local Scenes
May 31, 2021

Tonr’s Top Cambridge, ON Prospects in 2021

One of the most talent-rich cities among the 30+ researched across Canada. With plenty of stars achieving over a million streams each in 2019, as well as multiple sold out…
Local Scenes
May 4, 2021

Tonr’s Top Brantford, ON Prospects in 2021

Evrvdav's hometown has one of the deepest scenes we've ever explored in the province. Here are a few of our top prospects from Bell City's underground. Pictured above is Club…
State of the Artist
May 4, 2021

LSC X’s Trifecta of Sound

LSC X is an enigma from Cambridge, ON. From his deep SoundCloud catalogs to his polished releases on streaming services, he’s quickly solidified himself as a top artist coming out…